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Introducing Our
Founding Member

Scott Courrege has over two decades of law enforcement experience in various capacities and has worked and trained literally from coast-to-coast. In the midst of his career, Scott took on the practice of law, and has since combined his two professional passions by founding the Courrege Consulting Group (CCG).

Our Services


Law Enforcement Training

CCG specializes in basic academy, in-service, and advanced law enforcement training. All academy courses conform to the Louisiana POST curriculum and are taught by Scott Courrege, J.D., who has been recognized by POST as a Subject Matter Expert. Scott draws heavily from both his law enforcement and legal backgrounds in presenting dynamic experienced-based classes that are filled with real world examples of search and arrest warrants, reports of investigation, and case studies.


Outside specialized training courses are developed and taught only by leading and practicing experts in each particular field. In other words, CCG provides relevant training by relevant professionals. Every course is rigorously peer reviewed for practical and legal accuracy. Courses can be arranged for an individual agency or open to all agencies. Public courses are generally organized through a host agency that receives allotted seats free of charge. CCG will travel to accommodate out-of-town training and can design courses for agency-specific needs upon request. 


Police Practices Expert & Consulting

CCG provides expert and consulting services concerning an array of police practices. Scott's extensive practical experience and training gives him unique insight into many specialized areas of law enforcement. This background, coupled with skills developed as a civil litigation attorney, allows Scott to provide one-of-a-kind and in-depth case review and analysis. Additionally, Scott can provide start-to-finish litigation strategy advice and assistance, to include drafting expert reports, interviewing of witnesses, reviewing of evidence, preparing for depositions, and trial presentation.   


Policy & Procedure Review

CCG conducts departmental policy and procedure review to ensure compliance with nationally accepted practices and constitutional parameters. Scott's intimate understanding of intra-agency operations allows him to edit and change boilerplate and/or out-of-date policies to fit the specific needs of each department and to comply with current law. Scott has also created policy from scratch in order to address the challenging considerations that arise from specialized division operations. 

Client Reviews

I've had the opportunity to attend a lot of classes and schools and have literally traveled across the country on the PD's dime to go to some of these classes. It is very rare when I have attended a class and felt so enlightened.


News & Legal Updates 

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