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Police Practices Expert & Consulting

Law enforcement is one of the most challenging and dynamic professions of all time. Officers are expected to wear numerous hats and to change them in a split second without hesitation or error. Society now demands perfection from the police. Period. But what happens when the transition is not so seamless and not so perfect? Litigation. Costly, stressful, lengthy litigation. 

A law suit is not only a burden on the department and individually named defendants, but can be just as challenging for attorneys handling the matter---on both sides of the "V". Guarded witnesses and defendants present a huge hurdle to overcome by legal counsel. Officers, as it turns out, do not trust most lawyers. However, officers do trust each other and those from their ranks. This is important to recognize and address so that the walls can be broken down and the best case be presented.


Scott Courrege, J.D., is positioned to garner that respect and trust to open the critical lines of communication from the beginning of a case. Bridging these gaps allows counsel to develop proper themes and frame the case based on a set of complete facts early on in litigation or perhaps even before suit is filed, as should be done, and not merely under the pressure of an expert report or discovery deadline. 

Scott has extensive law enforcement experience and has received training on both the federal and local levels throughout his career. Due to his exposure to different agencies' policies, procedures, and customs from around the country, Scott brings to the table a holistic understanding of generally accepted police practices held by few others. Accordingly, Scott is qualified to provide litigation consulting and/or expert opinions for the following areas: 

  • Use of Force

  • De-escalation 

  • Pursuits and Emergency Vehicle Operations

  • SWAT Legal Concepts

  • Search and Seizure

  • Narcotics Investigations 

  • Informant Management 

  • Traffic Stops

  • Stop and Frisk

  • DWI/DUI Investigations

  • Policy and Procedure

  • General Police Practices 

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Request a Price Quote

A fee schedule is available upon request. 

Fees and expenses vary depending upon the nature, type, and location of the case and the requested service.

Initial case consultation is free.

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