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C. Scott Courrege, J.D.

Licensed Attorney in Louisiana

Scott Courrege is a licensed attorney who currently practices civil law at the renowned Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege, L.C. law firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Scott attended law school at Southern University Law Center's evening program while working full-time in law enforcement. Despite the workload, in 2017 Scott graduated first in his class. Scott was a senior editor of the Southern University Law Review, published an article about drugged driving, and received numerous CALI awards for excellence in individual law courses. Scott's law practice primarily consists of representing plaintiffs in personal injury litigation. However, he has taken the opportunity to provide pro bono legal consultations to law enforcement officers who have been involved in on-duty use of force incidents.   

Charles Scott Courrege

Scott's law enforcement career long preceded his legal practice and began in 2000 in Gulfport, Mississippi, where he worked as a uniformed police officer. In 2003, he was hired by the United States Border Patrol as a Patrol Agent and was assigned to the San Diego Sector. Scott quickly was selected for the Sector's elite Air Mobile Unit and received advanced tactical and air assault training. AMU primarily focused enforcement efforts on violent and high-volume border trafficking routes. Scott again progressed his career and in 2006 was hired by DEA as a Special Agent. Scott was assigned to the Phoenix Field Division and worked directly on the international border targeting Mexican drug cartels. Enforcement activities included undercover operations, complex drug investigations, highway interdiction, and Title III wire taps. 

In 2008, Scott was offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to oversee international security operations for a private diamond dealer. Never adverse to risk and adventure, Scott took the position and spent the following year coordinating the security and transportation of large sums of currency and arranging for the import/export of Kimberly-certified diamonds. Successful operations were performed throughout Africa and Europe. However, Scott's calling to public service never ceased, and in 2009 he made the hard decision to leave the private sector and moved to Louisiana where he was hired by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office. At EBRSO, Scott achieved the rank of Sergeant and held assignments in Uniform Patrol, Community Policing, Special Community Anti-Crime Team, Narcotics (DEA Task Force), and Training. Scott presently maintains a part-time law enforcement position and spends most of his time developing and instructing training courses, including legal aspects, use of force, search and seizure, and DWI investigations. Scott also consults on policy and procedure development and with legal counsel on use of force cases.

In reflection of his two careers, Scott perceived a void in the law enforcement field and decided to create the Courrege Consulting Group. CCG's mission is to provide up-to-date, relevant, and modern training and consulting services rooted in sound legal principles. CCG provides numerous law enforcement training courses that are encouraged to be tailored to individual agency needs. Scott is also engaged in expert consulting for law enforcement litigation and departmental policy and procedure drafting and review. The goal of all of these services is to establish integrity in the process, start to finish, and ensure that our law enforcement agencies are guided through the 21st Century Policing era with the proper education, support, and resources to continue to meet the ever-changing public expectations and needs.  

Decision is the opposite of procrastination.



Southern University Law Center


University of Southern Mississippi

  • Juris Doctor, Magna Cum Laude

  • Class Rank: 1st (3.89 GPA)

  • Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice, with Honors



Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews


  • Represent plaintiffs in both federal and state civil courts with a practice primarily focused on and involving serious personal injury litigation

  • Provide pre-suit legal consultations to law enforcement officers following the use of deadly and non-deadly force


East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office


  • Instruct various law enforcement courses at the police academy and in-service training

  • Compose, review, and consult on the modification and implementation of new policy and procedure

  • Former Assignments: Uniform Patrol, Community Policing Unit, Special Community Anti-Crime Team, and Narcotics (DEA Task Force Agent)


White Diamonds International

Security Director

  • Devised and executed in-depth security plans to ensure the protection of executives and the international transportation of high-value assets

  • Supervised security team operations within the United States, Africa, and Europe


Drug Enforcement Administration

Special Agent

  • Coordinated complex, multi-agency federal and state investigations that specifically focused on international drug trafficking organizations

  • Organized and performed significant in-the-field duties such as physical surveillance, arrests, and undercover operations to achieve outlined goals of investigation


United States Border Patrol

Senior Patrol Agent

  • Selected and assigned to the San Diego Sector Air Mobile Unit as a tactical agent with focused enforcement efforts on high-crime and violent border trafficking routes

  • Developed extensive, long-term unit operations based upon analysis of field intelligence and trafficking trends

  • Performed all-encompassing and generalized uniformed policing duties, i.e., conducting basic investigations, writing police reports, arresting violators, contacting suspicious persons, traffic stops, and building checks


Gulfport Police Department

Police Officer

Certifications & Training

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

  • Capital Area Regional Training Academy (CARTA), Baton Rouge, LA (2010)

  • Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic Certificate

  • Louisiana POST Correctional Officer Certificate

Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Basic Agent Training, Quantico, VA (2006)

United States Border Patrol

  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Charleston, SC (2003)

Harrison County Sheriff’s Department

  • Southern Regional Public Safety Institute (SRPSI), Long Beach, MS (2000)

  • Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training Certificate

Narcotics/Gang Investigations

  • Covert Ops Training Conference, International Association of Undercover Officers (2015)

  • Patrol Officer Drug Investigations, PLET (2011)

  • Interview, Interrogation, Deception Detection, EBR District Attorney’s Office (2011)

  • Gang Criminal Enterprise Investigations, FBI (2010)

  • Gang Intelligence and Investigation, Texas Gang Investigators Association (2009)

  • Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment, HITS (2009)

  • Street Gangs Identification and Investigation, Institute of Police Technology and Management (2009)

  • Arizona State Gang Training, Arizona State Gang Task Force (2007)


Use of Force/Advanced Tactical

  • Force Science Analyst (2022)

  • Use of Force Instructor Training Program, FLETC (2022)

  • Strategic Self-Defense & Gunfighting Tactics (SSGT), EBRSO (2021)

  • Basic SWAT, Distraction Devices, and Intermediate Weapons, EBRSO (2011)

  • Pressure Points and Control Tactics (PPCT)/OC Spray/Taser, SRPSI/CARTA (2000/2010)

  • Anti-Terrorism Tactical Training Course for First Responders, CRT (2011)

  • Tactical Trauma Training, PLET (2009)

  • Air Mobile Training and Selection Program, USBP (2004)

  • Modified Tactical Air Assault, United States Joint Terrorism Task Force - North (2004)

  • Basic Fast Rope and Rappelling, United States Marine Corps (2004)


Traffic/Emergency Vehicle Operations

  • Pursuit Policy (2022)

  • NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor (2011)

  • Chemical Testing for Intoxication (2010)

  • Emergency Vehicle Operations (2010)

Awards & Honors

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

  • Detective of the Year (2016)

  • Detective, Special Operations, and Patrol Deputy of the Month Awards (2010-2017)

  • Investigative Achievement Award for the United States Attorney’s Office (MDLA) (2016)

  • Louisiana Sheriff’s Association Deputy of the Year Nomination (2016)

  • CARTA Academic Award (2010)

Drug Enforcement Administration

  • Basic Agent Training Practical Section Field Operations Award (2006)

  • Basic Agent Training Emergency Vehicle Operations “Top Driver” Award (2006)


United States Border Patrol

  • San Diego Sector Air Mobile Unit Training and Selection Program’s “Honor Graduate” (2004)


Gulfport Police Department

  • Police Officer of the Month (2002)

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