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Louisiana POST Courses

All Louisiana POST courses are taught by Scott Courrege, J.D., in the capacity of a Subject Matter Expert in conformity with POST and academy standards and guidelines. 


Legal Aspects: (60 hours)

  • Arrests and Response to Terrorism

  • Confessions and Admissions

  • Exclusionary Rule

  • Legal Liabilities and Other Consequences of Police Misconduct

  • Line-ups and Other Pre-trial Identification Procedures

  • Plain View, Open Fields, Abandonment, and Electronic Surveillance

  • Probable Cause and Reasonable Suspicion

  • Search and Seizure

  • Stop and Frisk

  • Vehicle Stops, Searches, and Inventories

  • Witnesses, Hearsay Rule, and Privileged Communications

  • Elements of Criminal Conduct

Integrated Use of Force Management - Response to Resistive Behavior: (12 hours)

  • Use of Force, Reasonable Force, Non-Deadly Force, Deadly Force, and Punitive Force

  • Four instances when an officer may use force

  • Justifiable and reasonable use of force

  • Louisiana laws pertaining to the use of force

  • The four Graham factors

  • Key issues in the landmark case of Graham v. Connor

  • Amendments to the U.S. Constitution related to police use of force

  • Key holdings in the landmark cases

    • Tennessee v. Garner

    • Scott v. Harris

    • Hudspeth v. City of Shreveport

  • Four requirements to use force by an officer

  • Threat assessment

  • Three elements of a threat assessment

  • Four levels of resistance

  • Six officer vs. threat factors

  • Four parts of the OODA Loop

  • Role fear plays in police use of force

  • Force option selection process


Drug ID & Investigations: (4 hours)

  • Identification of Drugs

  • Controlled Dangerous Substances Act

  • Drug Trafficking Trends

  • Introduction to Drug Investigations

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