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Advanced Narcotics Investigations 

The Advanced Narcotics Investigations course is designed for experienced investigators and presupposes a working knowledge and understanding of basic drug unit functions. This two-day class will give students an overview of advanced investigative techniques that are necessary to sustain long-term and complex drug cases. Specific focus will be given to physical and electronic surveillance, search warrants and probable cause, informant operations and considerations, and asset forfeiture. The class will culminate with numerous case studies that will demonstrate the effectiveness and pitfalls of the learned techniques.

This course was developed and is instructed by experienced narcotics investigators Tanner Jenkins and Scott Courrege.  Tanner and Scott previously worked together as investigators at DEA and are responsible for the largest-to-date federal drug conspiracy indictment in the Middle District of Louisiana.  Additionally, they were the case and undercover agents of several OCDETF Title-III wiretap cases that led to single-day money seizures that exceeded $1,000,000 and the infiltration of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel.  Both were recognized by the United States Department of Justice and the United States Attorney’s Office for their investigative achievements.

Tanner is currently a Narcotics Division commander and supervises 15 agents.  Since Tanner took command of the unit in 2018, his agents have seized over $7,200,000 in United States currency and made over 650 felony drug arrests.  Tanner has been recognized in federal court as a drug investigation expert and has previous assignments with SWAT, street crimes, and uniform patrol.  Scott is an attorney who specializes in law enforcement training and police practices consulting.  Scott has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, including federal employment with the United States Border Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Administration, and he is still an active part-time deputy assigned to Training.  Scott regularly instructs numerous academy courses and has been recognized by POST and by courts as a subject matter expert.  Scott’s previous assignments include narcotics, street crimes, community policing, and uniform patrol.


*Instructors are acting in their individual capacities and not as representatives or employees of any Law Enforcement Agency.


Day 1:

Overview of Complex Drug Investigations

Case Initiation Procedures

Buy-Walk / Bust Review

Tech Equipment Demonstration

Begin Case Study

Day 2:

Investigative Techniques Applied

Electronic Surveillance

Asset Seizure / Forfeiture

Continue Case Study

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